Hungry Girl

Once upon a time there was a woman who was in a passionate love affair with cooking and eating. She enjoyed long walks down the grocery store aisles searching for different ingredients and produce to buy, eating samples of new products and snacks. You could often find her late at night scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, liking and double tapping on a rustically plated dish of noodles or watching Facebook or YouTube cooking videos. She would then lull herself into a sleep dreaming about the food she can make tomorrow. Cooking to her is the gateway to her true love: Eating.

Today she writes while eating a mildly burnt bag of popcorn and wondering what’s she’s going to eat for dinner this evening. She reluctantly toys with the idea that this bag of popcorn might be her only dinner for today. She doesn’t enjoy having to accept this, but she’s okay with it.

Please note that she has a fridge filled with delicious leftovers and produce in her fridge that would love to be cooked.

Also note that she has no desire or energy to cook.

Also, also note that she is currently following the state and county regulations of social distancing and has not left her house, so she should not be lacking any energy as she has done nothing all day except setup her first ever blog site!

Stay tuned for future food-related posting and recipes.

Until then, happy eating!

Published by The Veggie Story

An always hungry 30-something year old!

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